Floor plans

Expansive, light-filled showrooms and grade-A office spaces with panoramic views of a burgeoning city centre.


A total of 43,598 sq. ft (L4-L15) of open plan Grade A office space split over 12 floors (L4=3,245 sq. ft; L5-L14=4,187 sq. ft; L15= 2,674 sq. ft).Built to the highest standards, these highly energy efficient offices are fitted with floor-to-ceiling glazing, allowing occupants to enjoy an abundance of daylight while they work.

  • FLOOR 5 to 14
  • LEASABLE AREA389.09 (Sq.m)
  • 4,186.61 (Sq.ft)
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  • FLOOR 4
  • LEASABLE AREA301.56 (Sq.m)
  • 3244.79 (Sq.ft)
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  • FLOOR 15
  • LEASABLE AREA248.47 (Sq.m)
  • 2,673.56 (Sq.ft)
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3 floors(B+G+M) of spacious showroom space spanning a total of 7,518sq. ft. and serviced by an observation lift. Each floor (B and G=2,977 sq. ft each; M=1,846 sq. ft) boasts fully integrated and flexible retail space ideally positioned to offer maximum visibility.

  • LEASABLE AREA276.65 (Sq.m)
  • 2,976.78 (Sq.ft)
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  • LEASABLE AREA171.52 (Sq.m)
  • 1,845.57 (Sq.ft)
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  • LEASABLE AREA250.56 (Sq.m)
  • 2,695.97 (Sq.ft)
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2 floors (L16+L17) of expansive and fully-fitted rooftop restaurant space, covering 7,675 sq. ft (4,356sq. ft + 3,319 sq. ft), where diners can relax to the soothing sounds of the in-built cascading pond, or take in unparalleled 180-degree views of the bustling capital city.

  • FLOOR16
  • LEASABLE AREA404.83 (Sq.m)
  • 4,356.00 (Sq.ft)
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  • FLOOR17
  • LEASABLE AREA308.47 (Sq.m)
  • 3,319.08 (Sq.ft)
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3 levels (L1-L3) of car parking space to accommodate 48 cars(36 + 12 stack parking).Two car lifts, an intelligent car park security system, a rapid electric car charging point, and a high-security electronic access control system, facilitates for ease and security of occupants’ vehicles.